Thursday, December 4, 2008

A week to roam Rome

Ciao ragazzi, e buongiorno. I hope all of you are doing well today; I had my Italian final this morning which I am glad to say is over. It wasn't tooooo bad, just a little tricky in some parts, asking some questions that had no business being a test about what we studied (i.e. questions about sports that we didn't study. . . hmmmm). But it went pretty well I feel like, and either way, it is now the weekend.


But it's not just any weekend, it's my last one in Rome. Unfortunately, it's going to be spent entirely doing studying and work I believe. I have my three finals on Monday and Tuesday next week and now is the prime time to get on that, so I believe I will. The only other interesting thing going on around here today was the cutting of our internet to repair it, and so after my final, I had internet for about 30 seconds and then no more. How sad. But it's now back and so my studying can continue . . . but I also have this whole weekend to worry about that, so not too stressed.

Yesterday was a busy day with my last classes and such, and that's after my big St. Peter's and Pope seeing tour. Some people really want to go see the Pope again next Wednesday, and I'll probably go, I can't see why not. While seeing the Pope in back to back weeks when he does very little different may in one way seem very boring, uh, it's the Pope. The leader of the most followed faith in the world. I think I can make room for that one.

A week from today is my last day in Rome, and I'll be leaving for Paris I do believe. I need to go book my train, but they say tickets can be bought at the station the day of too. So while I have that option, I really should get them bought soon. Paris, Paris. Kelly and Meg will be there too, so I should have some people to hang out with (I hope) but I'll have so many bags, I don't really want to stay in a hostel with 9 other people. We'll see how this all pans out, that's for sure.

I guess now's never too early to talk about how my last few weeks in Europe are going to shape up. Today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday are study days, no doubt about it. I'll probably go somewhere and do something fun (and by go somewhere, probably like the Forum or something along those lines, not like another city) to interrupt my studying monotony.

Monday is Assumption day, or a national holiday here in Italy. Everyone's off from work, and the Pope loads up in his Popemobile and goes around waving at everyone as he takes an Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary around and eventually ends up at Piazza di Spagna, where there is an obelisk to Mary there. Bunch of significance there. Do I wish I could go? Very badly. But can I? Nope, not a possibility. I've got finals at 10-1 and 3-6, and the main event happens at 4:30. Drag.

Tuesday is my last final, for Science and Religion. I got my paper back yesterday and got an A on it, which made me quite happy. Only problem there is that the final is worth a whopping 40% of your grade . . . yeah. So even though I have an A in there right now, if I don't do well on the final for one reason or another, that A quickly turns to a much lower grade. Not a big fan of that, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

There's a soccer game on Tuesday night after my final, Roma vs. Bordeaux in Champion's League, or the most prestigious All-European championship league. If Roma wins this game, they win their group and move on to the round of 16 out of the round of 64, a big deal. It's a bit expensive to go, and I don't know if anyone else would go with me, but I'm checking around for that possibility.

Wednesday I have all free until 7pm with the farewell dinner party, which apparently all of our professors come to and all of the students are there and we just eat and laugh and make some parting memories. Which is appropriate, since Thursday I leave at 6:30pm I believe for Paris. I may yet leave Friday, which leaves less time in Paris but it also saves me money. We shall see.

The I'll be in Paris from the 12 (night train, woohoo) for two nights, the 12th and 13th, and then another night train to Barcelona, and I'll arrive in Barcelona on the 15th, and meet up with Kirsten that night, get all of our stuff collectively organized and properly stowed, and the morning of the 16th (like 4am early) we head to the airport for home, and we'll arrive something like 14 hours later in Portland, as we go Barcelona-Frankfurt-home.

And that's all she wrote. The story is quickly ending, folks. It's not over til it's over though, and I haven't had my final say in this whole ordeal. I hope you all are doing well, and really, if you want anything from Rome, speak now or hold your peace for quite a while. I won't be back here for a long while.

Until next time,


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